Community Living

Community is defined as a unified body of individuals. The residence hall community of Notre Dame is an ideal setting for students to foster their individuality and grow within this unique living environment. We encourage students to build community by interacting with others with a positive and supportive attitude.

Get involved, it's that simple-- A community only works if those living in that community make it work. Make recommendations to your Resident Assistant, Assistant Rector or Rector. Initiate programs and get your friends involved.

With any living arrangement, problems can develop. It is imperative to show mutual respect and consideration for one another. Before you act, think about the consequences. More often than not, your actions can be redirected in a more constructive manner. Your residence hall is made up of people with a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles. Take advantage of the wealth of experiences these people have and learn from them!

The residence hall staff is here to assist you in every way possible. They are excellent resource people, and you will undoubtedly get to know the residence hall staff and in-residence staff living in your hall. The Resident Assistants are seniors who serve as resource people, activities coordinators and peer counselors. Assistant Rectors are graduate staff members responsible for assisting in the administration of an entire building. The Rector is a full-time professional who is responsible for supervising the activities, staff, and residents of an entire residence hall. All of this has been designed so that your experience in the halls is a rewarding one.