Hall Manager

Summer Residence Hall Manager

2018 Position Description


Summer Residence Hall Managers are integral components of the University's summer residence hall program as administered by the Office of Residential Life.  Hall Managers assume responsibilities which underscore the important role of residential life in the educational experience of students at the University of Notre Dame.

A Hall Manager has extensive contact with University visitors and serves as a liaisons and resource person.  Hall Managers thus promote the integration of all aspects of campus life and assist in establishing a residence hall environment which supports the University’s objectives.

Hall Managers are regarded as role-models and University representatives.  Therefore, they should always conduct themselves in an honest, conscientious, and professional manner.  They are expected to support, enforce, and personally abide by all University and Office of Residential Life policies, and to interpret them as necessary.  Summer Residence Hall Staff members are expected to support and promote the Catholic mission of the University.


  • Rising-Junior student status required; Rising-Senior, Fifth-Year or Graduate student status preferred.
  • Previous residence hall staff experience and/or student leadership training preferred.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who are available for the entire summer (May 15 – August 15) work assignment.  This includes the entire Summer Session and interim periods.  Appointment is for the length of service as outlined in the agreement and may be adjusted through mutual consent.


      Referral and Advising Responsibilities

  1. Refer residents, when necessary, to appropriate services within the University.
  2. Confer regularly with the Office of Residential Life staff about concerns for individuals and/or groups.
  3. Maintain availability/accessibility to University staff and residents.  Availability to residents goes beyond scheduled duty times.
  4. Work with Assistant Hall Managers and/or Desk Clerks to maintain an environment conducive to study and/or community group living.
  5. Responsible for the safety and security of the residence hall and promoting an environment free of safety and health hazards.

      Administrative Responsibilities

  1. Supervise and evaluate Assistant Hall Managers and/or Desk Clerks.  This supervision will focus on the fulfillment of the terms of their duties, as well as the policies, procedures and expectations of the Office of Residential Life.
  2. Be regularly available in the hall or readily available elsewhere on campus during the business hours of the University and other times as necessary.  It is important that the Hall Manager maintain regular office hours and that these hours be posted prominently.
  3. Regularly report maintenance and security/safety problems to Building Services, Facilities Operations, and/or Security/Police.
  4. Schedule and supervise front desk coverage, including weekly tracking of hours completed by Assistant Managers and/or Desk Clerks.
  5. Schedule and supervise residence hall on-call duty schedule.
  6. Supervise check-in/check-out procedures of hall, and communicate check-in/check-out updates to the Office of Residential Life.
  7. Develop operating procedures that encourage cooperation and a good working relationship between residents, Building Services, Maintenance, staff and other University personnel.
  8. Oversee use and care of master keys for hall and maintain room key inventories; assist with lockouts, especially those occurring outside of normal business hours.
  9. Coordinate mail distribution to residents and staff living in the hall.

      Disciplinary Responsibilities

  1. Interpret University and departmental policies and procedures to staff and residents and oversee enforcement in residence hall.
  2. Assist residents in developing personal responsibility for their actions and respect for the rights of others.
  3. Advise and give support to Assistant Hall Managers and/or Desk Clerks in matters of conduct.
  4. Properly prepare and follow through on disciplinary reports.

      Staff Development Responsibilities

  1. Participate and assist in orientation and training for summer residence hall staff.
  2. Attend weekly Hall Manager meetings.
  3. Plan and conduct weekly meetings for staff assigned to the hall.
  4. Keep in close contact with the Office of Residential Life to discuss staff-related issues.
  5. Complete end-of-summer staff performance evaluations on each reporting staff member.


Hall Managers are expected to be on campus and available for orientation and training two days prior to the first check-in of residents to their residence halls.  Hall Managers must schedule and complete an exit appointment with the Office of Residential Life to return keys, Room Condition Reports, billable damages, binder, staff performance evaluations, and any other administrative materials.

The Hall Manager position is intended to be a 30-40 hour per week position while a hall is occupied.  The academic load of Hall Managers shall not interfere with responsibilities as outlined above and should not exceed one course for the summer.  Only with the advance permission of the Office of Residential Life can additional courses be added, including Thesis or Dissertation credits.  Due to the nature of the position, any additional employment by Hall Managers during their term of appointment is prohibited.


Hall Managers are provided a single room, partial meal plan, and an hourly rate for the length of the agreement.  The skilled hourly rate for the Office of Residential Life hours is $8.90.