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University Village


University Village and Cripe Street Apartments will close as student housing following the conclusion of the Spring 2018 semester. This information was originally announced on June 17, 2014 to allow current and incoming graduate and professional students to plan appropriately. We will staff, occupy, and maintain University Village and Cripe Street Apartments through the 2017-2018 academic year.

The University of Notre Dame operates 103 two and four-bedroom apartments located about one mile from the center of campus. This complex is known as University Village and is commonly referred to as "The Village". The Village is conveniently located on the northwest edge of campus, just a five minute bike ride or fifteen minute walk. There is a paved, lighted footpath connecting the complex to Notre Dame's central campus.

The two-bedroom apartments in University Village are available only to single/married, full-time students who have their spouses and/or children living with them with proof of marriage and/or financial dependency. Couples expecting their first child are permitted to reside in University Village for up to one academic year pending proof of pregnancy. A limited number of 4 bedroom apartments are available to families with three children or more.

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