Housing Application and Room Picks Information

Please see the information below for dates of applications, how to apply, policies for canceling your application, and information about in-hall room picks. The application will be available between February 12-25 by logging into homeunderthedome.nd.edu and selecting "Housing Application" from the gold menu bar.

Important Dates
Housing Application
Late Application
Cancelled Application
Interhall Application
Float for a Single Application
Housing Accommodations Requests
In Hall Room Picks Information
Lottery Numbers for In Hall Room Picks
Information for Students Studying Abroad

Important Dates:

February 12th: All Housing Applications Open (this includes Float for a Single and Interhall Transfer Requests)

February 25th: All Housing Applications Close at 11:59 p.m.

February 26th - March 18th @ 11:59 p.m.: Late Housing Application is Open - Final chance to apply and participate in room selection.

March 2nd: Requests for all accommodations are due to the Sara Bea Disability Services office

March 2nd: Interhall Transfer applicants notified of status of request and Float for a Single applicants notified of lottery number

March 19th: Wait List Application Opens - Wait List applicants do not participate in room picks.

April 3rd - April 13th: In hall room picks; exact date(s) set by each hall

Early May: Begin notifying Float for a Single applicants of assignment


How to apply for on campus Housing for Fall 2018

The application for undergraduate on-campus housing for Fall 2018 opens on February 12, 2018 at homeunderthedome.nd.edu. This application will close at 11:59 p.m. on February 25, 2018. Any student who applies between February 26 - March 18 will be considered late. Any student who applies after March 18 will need to complete the Wait List application and will not be eligible to participate in room picks.

Late Applications

Any application submitted between February 26 - March 18 at 11:59 p.m. will be considered late. All late students will not receive a lottery number in the standard lottery list and will not have the option to Float for a Single or request an Interhall Transfer. Lottery numbers for late students will be at the end of the list for the hall community. Late applicants will make selections after all students who completed their applications on time. Late applicants will not be able to be “pulled higher” in the lottery by other members of the hall. Instead, if a student who completed their application on time would like to select a room with a student who applied late, they will be required to wait until the late student is able to select a room.

The Late Application closes on March 18 at 11:59 p.m. Students who do not complete the Late Application by this time will need to complete a Wait List application; the same application that incoming transfer students complete. Students who complete the Wait List application do not participate in room picks and are not guaranteed to receive housing.

Canceled Applications

If you applied for on-campus housing but would now like to cancel your application, you must visit homeunderthedome.nd.edu and select the "2018-19 Residence Halls" application, and then click the cancellation option within the application. Students who cancel their housing application to move off-campus after their hall's room picks or after they have received their room assignment will be charged a $500 cancellation fee. Students who cancel prior to their hall's room picks or receiving an assignment, or cancel to separate or take a leave of absence from the University will not be charged a cancellation fee. 

Interhall Transfer Application

Through this process, students complete the secondary Interhall Transfer application online to request to transfer from one hall to another hall. Submitting an application does not guarantee that a transfer will be granted.  To transfer halls, students must discuss their desire to move with both the Rector from their current hall and their potential future Rector. Applications will not be considered if students do not meet with both of these Rectors. After the application period closes, each Rector will review applications for their hall and will determine whether or not a request will be granted. These decisions will be made based upon anticipated space in the hall and occupancy numbers. Rectors will communicate to students if their application for transfer has been accepted or not by March 2, prior to the room picks period for each hall. 

Upon granting of approval, students will be required to participate in room picks in their new hall community. Students switching halls will fall to the end of the selection order. Unless they are "pulled in,"  they will choose a room after all current students of the hall have selected their room. Please note: The lottery number of students who are "pulling" students into their halls will not be impacted. 

Students may submit only one transfer request for one specific hall.  Interhall Transfer applications may not be withdrawn after approval has been granted. Students may not submit an Interhall Transfer Application and a Float for a Single Application; these are mutually exclusive applications. 

The application will be available until February 25 at 11:59 p.m.; late applications will not be accepted.

Float for a Single Application

Through the Float for a Single process, students complete a secondary application online, which allows students the opportunity to remove themselves from their hall's room pick process in order to request a single room on campus. In this process, students are not able to specify a building, but rather to indicate that they are interested in moving to a single room, no matter the location. On March 2, float applicants will receive a lottery number that is specific to the float process. The 'float lottery number' determines the order in which students are assigned when/if a single room becomes available. Lottery numbers will be segmented based upon class year (i.e. current juniors, current sophomores, and then current freshmen).

Applicants may cancel their Float for a Single application until March 15th and be placed in their hall's regular room pick lottery by emailing ResidentialLife@nd.edu. After March 15th, applicants cannot retract the application and they must remain in the Float process. 

Float for a Single assignments are not made until after room picks and special accommodations are made. Students will receive notification of their assignment beginning in early May. Applicants who are not assigned a single room by early May will remain on the float lottery list throughout the summer and will be assigned into singles as (and if) space becomes available. Applicants who are not assigned a single room by mid-July will be assigned to a space in a multi-occupancy room (with roommates) in any hall over the summer. The assignment will be based upon space available at the time of the assignment and no specific building is guaranteed. While we attempt to find space in the original hall community, it is not guaranteed.

Submitting an application in no way guarantees nor implies availability of a single room assignment. The Office of Residential Life is unable to predict the exact number or timing of rooms available for these assignments.

Students may not submit a Float for Single Application and an Interhall Transfer Application; these are mutually exclusive applications. The application will be available until Sunday, February 25 at 11:59 p.m.; late applications will not be accepted.

Requests for Special Accommodations

Students who are in need of special housing accommodations must be in communication with the Sara Bea Disability Services office regarding these requests. All requests must be submitted by March 2nd to the Disability Services office in order to be considered for this year's room picks. Disability Services will communicate with the Office of Residential Life regarding students who need accommodations prior to lottery numbers being released in the halls. For requests submitted after March 2nd, we cannot guarantee that appropriate space will be available.  

Room Picks Information

Room picks will be held between April 3 and April 13. The specific room pick date(s) are set by each hall.

Due to the unique character of our halls, after completing the housing application, students will select a room through their hall's individual process. Please see your Rector, or the Rector of the hall to which you are moving to learn more about the room pick process. 

Lottery Numbers

1. Lottery numbers for in-hall room picks will be released to students 7 non-break days prior to room selection night(s). 

2. Lottery numbers will be segmented based upon class year (i.e. current juniors, current sophomores, and then current freshmen). The classification will be determined based upon years enrolled in a University, not the number of credit hours accumulated by a student. For example, a student who enters the University with the freshman class but has enough credits to be considered a sophomore, will select their room with the freshman class. Some exceptions may apply.

3. In rare instances that a lottery number needs to be adjusted, Rectors will submit that request through an approval process. For clarification, please consult with your Rector.  

Information for Students Studying Abroad

Students currently abroad who are returning for the Fall semester need to complete the 2018-19 housing application. Please be in contact with your Rector to coordinate how you will select a room for next year during your hall's room picks.

Students currently on-campus who are studying abroad through a Notre Dame sponsored program in the Fall semester DO NOT need to complete the 2018-19 housing application. You will receive information via email during the Fall semester about applying for on-campus housing for the Spring semester only.

Students currently on-campus who will be on-campus in the Fall, but are studying abroad in Spring 2019 need to complete the 2018-19 housing application. During the Fall, the Office of Residential Life will receive a list of students studying abroad through a Notre Dame sponsored program in the Spring and will cancel your Spring assignment with no cancellation fee.