Knott Hall


Knott Hall


Constructed in 1988 as a women's residence hall; First residence hall named for a woman, Marion Burk Knott; Converted in 1997 to a male residence hall after Flanner and Grace Halls were converted from residence facilities into offices -- female residents at the time (Knott Angels) moved to McGlinn Hall on West Quad; Hall leaders coordinate events such as the Cesaro Lecture Series (offers residents the opportunity to hear from campus administrative leaders), Justin Brumbaugh Charitable Basketball Tournament and the Aidan Project. Recent honors include: 1999 All-Interhall Sports Champions, 1999 Interhall Football Champions and 1999 Most Improved Hall; Rivals with Siegfried Hall, the other male Mod Quad residence hall.


Most of the rooms in Knott are doubles (70%). About 15% of the rooms are singles. There are also 6 three-room quads on each floor. Study lounges can be converted into residential space. Similar layout exists in Siegfried, PE and PW.

RECTOR: Mr. Patrick Kincaid



Patrick was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies, Catholic Studies, and History from John Carroll University, and he completed a Master’s degree in Education through the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at the University of Notre Dame. While an undergraduate student at John Carroll University, Patrick worked in Residence Life for almost three years, during which time he helped to build many dynamic residence hall communities. In his senior year, Patrick served as a Senior Resident Assistant, a position which carried the added responsibility of overseeing a staff of seven resident assistants. It also brought the great challenge of planning events and developing programming for an entire dorm and provided great insight into the necessary functions of a residence hall. Throughout his years as a teacher, Patrick served as a retreat leader, basketball coach, and mentor for youth in summer programs in South Bend and Cleveland. After serving as a teacher for three years, Patrick moved to Chicago to work as a free-lance writer and publisher. He enjoys a wide variety of sports, music, and reading.

When asked why he wanted to serve in Notre Dame’s storied Residential Life and mission, Patrick responded: “I have many great friends who have spoken so highly of their time living in the dorms at Notre Dame. I consider it a tremendous privilege to be a part of that unique legacy and to help build on those traditions. I am honored to serve the men of Knott Hall and be a part of their journey to discover the many ways that God is calling them. The Holy Cross tradition so beautifully articulates the vision of community and brotherhood to serve the world. I am excited to bring my energy and commitment to this vision to the men of Knott Hall.”

Established: 1988
Mascot/Nickname: Juggerknotts
Color: Orange
Quad Location: Mod Quad
Chapel: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Chapel
Signature Event: The Aidan Project
Charity: Habitat for Humanity



Number of Floors: 4
Number of Rooms: 108
Capacity: 258

Elevator? Yes
Air Conditioning? Yes
Study Room(s)? Yes
Exercise Room? Yes
Kitchen Access? Yes
Laundry Facilities? Yes
Sinks in Rooms? Yes
Modular Furniture? Only in Convertible Lounges


Location on Campus Map
North: Pasquerilla East Hall
South: Hesburgh Library
East: Parking Lot
West: Siegfried Hall