Keough Hall


Keough Hall


Marilyn M. Keough Hall was dedicated on September 27, 1996, and is one of the newest dorms on campus along with its neighbors McGlinn Hall, O'Neill Hall, and Welsh Family Hall. It is the gift of Donald Keough, who served as chairman of Notre Dame's Board of Trustees from 1986-1992, and of his wife, Marilyn. Over the years Keough has established itself as a hall with great enthusiasm and brotherhood. Every fall the dorm hosts "The Keough Hall Chariot Race" in which the different sections within Keough, as well as other dorms build their own chariot to race against one another. This signature event lasts all day and is followed that night by a dance.  Fr. Tom Doyle, C.S.C. served as Keough Hall's first Rector. Upon completing his seminary training, he helped to dedicate Marilyn M. Keough Hall in August of 1996. 


Students live in one of three arrangements: singles (15% of rooms), doubles (70%) or three-room quads (15%). Similar room layouts can be found in three of the other West Quad halls (McGlinn, Welsh Family, O'Neill). There are no private bathrooms in Keough.




Raised in the shadow of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Pat begins his ninth year under the Dome as Rector of Keough Hall. A former RA in Sorin College, Pat graduated from Notre Dame in 2008 with a BA in Political Science. Since entering formation with the Congregation of Holy Cross, he has served in retreat ministry, the RCIA program, hospital chaplaincy, mentoring to underprivileged youth, and marriage preparation. Most recently, he contributed to the development of Campus Ministry’s leadership formation program. Pat will profess perpetual vows in Holy Cross and be ordained a deacon this September, prior to his ordination as a priest next April. He enjoys skiing, cycling, Chipotle burritos, used book stores, and the Denver Broncos.

When asked why he wants to serve as Rector, Pat responded: "At some point during college, every student falls in love – with another person, with an idea, with a place, with God. It’s a love that seizes the imagination, affecting everything. Rectors witness this love in a privileged way, helping students discover their lives’ deepest longing in joy and gratitude. Five years ago, in the basement of Sorin, Fr. Jim King shared that gift with me. I’m honored to pay back his generosity, building on the legacy of Holy Cross in Keough Hall."




Established: 1996
Mascot/Nickname: Kangaroos
Quad Location: West Quad
Chapel Dedication: Our Lady of
Guadalupe Chapel
Signature Event: Keough Chariot Race
Charity: St. Brendan’s Parish, Kiete, Tanzania



Number of Floors: 4
Number of Rooms: 125
Capacity: 285

Elevator? Yes
Air Conditioning? Yes
Study Room(s)? Yes
Exercise Room? Yes
Kitchen Access? Yes
Laundry Facilities? Yes
Sinks in Rooms? Yes
Modular Furniture? Yes


Location on Campus Map
North: South Dining Hall
South: ND Bookstore
East: Welsh Family Hall
West: O'Neill Hall