Howard Hall


Howard Hall


Constructed in 1924, Howard was a trailblazer building for Notre Dame -- first building to use Gothic architecture, first residence hall to be built in coordination with the location of other halls (cornerstone of the South Quad trio of Howard, Lyons, and Morrissey) and first building named for a lay professor -- Timothy Edward Howard (future Indiana Supreme Court Justice); Originally constructed to house 156 students; In 1987, the hall was officially made a women's residence hall, and the duck mascot was adopted; Howard's quaint double arches are well known around campus, and as you will find on other South Quad buildings, stone carvings include animals, students, and a saint; Howard Hall's signature events include Totter for Water, the Chapel Crawl, and the Bone Marrow Drive.


Howard Hall offers one of the most diverse room options on campus. Half of the rooms are singles, and the remaining rooms include: doubles, triples, 2-person suites, 3-person suites, and 4-person suites.





Margaret is a “Triple-Domer,” having earned her undergraduate degree in Theology (2006), Master’s in Education (2008), and Master’s in Divinity (2011) from the University of Notre Dame. A former ACE teacher, Margaret spent two years teaching religion courses at Charlotte Catholic High School in Charlotte, NC, where she coached women’s field hockey, lacrosse, and basketball. Since returning to the University to pursue her M.Div. in 2008, Margaret has been engaged in ministry in the Office of Alcohol and Drug Education, Campus Ministry’s RCIA program, the Center for Social Concerns, hospital chaplaincy, and service to women and children at St. Margaret’s House in South Bend, IN. No stranger to residential ministry at Notre Dame, she was an RA in Lewis Hall as a senior.


Established: 1924
Mascot/Nickname: Ducks
Colors: Yellow/Green
Quad Location: South Quad
Chapel: Our Lady of Lourdes
Signature Events: Annual Bone Marrow Drive, Totter for Water, Chapel Crawl
Charity: National Marrow Donor Program



Number of Floors: 4
Number of Rooms: 96
Capacity: 145

Elevator? No
Air Conditioning? No
Study Room(s)? Yes
Exercise Room? Yes
Kitchen Access? Yes
Laundry Facilities? Yes
Sinks in Rooms? Yes
Modular Furniture? Yes


Location on Campus Map
North: Bond Hall
South: South Dining Hall
East: Badin Hall
West: Morrissey Hall