Fischer Grad


Fischer Graduate

Construction of the Fischer Graduate Residences was completed in the summer of 1991. Residents began occupancy in the fall semester of 1991. Fischer consists of 33 two-story buildings with six apartments per building. These fully furnished, air-conditioned, two bedroom, one bathroom apartments are available for unmarried male or unmarried female graduate students only.

Fischer comprises two-thirds of the Fischer O'Hara-Grace Graduate Residences. The FOG complex is a community development that facilitates and supports graduate study.

The Fischer Residences and O'Hara-Grace Townhouses are not mixed gender living facilities. The University expects all students living in the FOG community to be responsible and respectful in their social conduct and to follow the rules and regulations of du Lac and the FOG Handbook. A quiet academic environment must be maintained at all times, so that residents are able to successfully engage in their studies. FOG is under the direction of an appointed Rector and staff who may set forth additional guidelines.

A message regarding property and facility management at Fischer O'Hara-Grace was sent to all current and incoming residents on July 12, 2016. To read the letter from the University, please click here.




Nathan is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame with a B.A. in History. After graduation he volunteered for two and a half years in Calle Larga, Chile with Holy Cross Associates. Upon returning to the United States, he attended the University of Arizona, graduating with a Masters Degree in Agricultural Education. While in Arizona, he taught at a local high school, worked in refugee resettlement and, through his parish, was involved in social outreach projects including community organizing. He has served as Rector of the University Village Complex since 2007. Nathan and his wife, Katie, have two daughters. In 2014, Mr. Elliot took over as Rector of Fischer O'Hara-Grace Graduate Residences, while remaining at University Village, in a dual rector role for all on-campus graduate students.