The University of Notre Dame provides on-campus housing for nearly 600 graduate students in four facilties. For more information, please read the eligibility guidelines, or read below for facility-specific information. Assignments to graduate and family housing units are managed by the Office of Housing. If you have questions, please email

University Village, Cripe Street Apartments, and O'Hara-Grace Townhouses will close as student housing following the conclusion of the Spring 2018 semester. Please note, in light of our aspiration to serve all post-baccalaureate students with increased services, the University is in the process of modifying its approach to on-campus, post-baccalaureate residential facilities. As part of a facilities assessment the University determined it was necessary to restructure our graduate residences. Accordingly, University Village, Cripe Street Apartments, and the O’Hara-Grace Townhouses will close for student housing at the end of the Spring 2018 semester. This information was originally announced on June 17, 2014 to allow current and incoming graduate and professional students to plan appropriately. We intend to staff, occupy, and maintain University Village and Cripe Street Apartments through the 2017-2018 academic year.

A message regarding property and facility management at Fischer O'Hara-Grace was sent to all current and incoming residents on July 12, 2016. To read the letter from the University, please click here.

The Division of Student Affairs continues to grow the services related to health and wellness, career services and professional development, student development and campus ministry offered for graduate students and their families. This includes support for the Graduate Student Life office, formed in 2012, which aims to enhance the educational experience of and quality of life for Notre Dame graduate students. The University has also committed to expanding the referral services we offer to students that assist them in obtaining safe, affordable, and convenient housing. 



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Overlook at Notre Dame

Overlook at Notre Dame is a Univeristy-related project located just off Notre Dame's campus.  The Office of Housing does not maintain information regarding this facility, more information can be found by clicking on the following links: